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Best Selling Items

Newton Reflecting Telescope

Newton Reflecting Telescope

Price: 22.39

An incredible instrument with a glass mirror from the Baader planetarium in Germany. 2 objective lenses give you 16X and 30X magnification so you can use it effectively for observing the night sky and the moon's craters. Properly adjusted you can even see Jupiter's moons!

The main mirror is 70mm diameter, 450mm focal length and both mirrors are front-silvered. The hexagonal tube design strengthens the telescope body and the telescope is fixed on a Dobson mounting. Black and Gold printing make this a decorative as well as functional telescope.

This telescope kit parts are already die-cut for you which means construction is easier and quicker and much more precise.

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Bi-Metallic Strip

Bi-Metallic Strip

Price: 1.25

Make your own thermostat. Interesting bi-metallic strip with a good working range. Supplied in strips of 20cm long.
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2 Polarising Film Pieces

2 Polarising Film Pieces

Price: 5.99

Linearly polarised film for reducing reflections or for polarisation experiments (e.g. view stress patterns in plastic items). Transmissivity: single sheet = 42%, 2 sheets crossed polaristation = <0.005%. Thickness 0.18mm. Two pieces each 50 x 50mm
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Optical Illusion Plastic

Optical Illusion Plastic

Price: 4.99

This plastic sheet is less than 1mm thick but it is engraved so that it looks as though it is much thicker. Objects placed on the sheet appear to sink below the surface. A4 sheet.
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Amateur Scientist CD

Amateur Scientist CD

Price: 24.99

This is the complete collection --73 years-- of articles from Scientific American magazine's legendary column "The Amateur Scientist," plus a second Science Software Library CD with dozens of shareware and freeware programs to feed the passion of any science nut. With over 1,100 projects to challenge science enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels -- rated by cost, potential hazard, and difficulty -- this is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in home-based science. And if that's not enough, it also contains over 1,000 bonus pages of additional how-to science techniques that never appeared in Scientific American.

Fully text-searchable and packaged in an attractive double-CD case. This remarkable browser-based product runs seamlessly on every platform--Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.
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40x40 Peltier Element

Price: 13.75

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New Products

Large Polarising Film 1m x 0.62m

Price: 253.00

Polarising Film - 1000 x 620 mm.
Transmittance: single(42%) ; crossed(<0.005%)
Color: neutral grey
Polarising efficiency: 99.9%
Wavelength: 380~700nm
Thickness: 0.18mm
Polarisation Axis parallel to long side
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